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An Homage to the ‘VIF’

Posted on November 21, 2015

An Homage to the ‘VIF’

Christian Audigier, known as “Le Vif (The Fast One)” passed away few months ago after battling cancer.

Christian was known for founding the clothing brand Ed Hardy & Von Dutch.

Before to died he asked French producer Fabrice Sopoglian to follow him during his treatment before he slipped into a coma.

Fabrice Sopoglian told the French medias’ “Following Christian sick was extremely difficult for me, and before he died Christian asked me to promise him to finish this project for him no matter what happen’. A promise is a promise!

Fabrice has teamed up with the production company Jolia Corp and Didier Beringuer an award winning director.

Read more: http://ambmagazine.com/an-homage-to-the-vif/#ixzz3sB1dvueW

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