Born and raised in France, Fabrice Sopoglian is a French producer based in Los Angeles. Fabrice Sopoglian is also the TV host of a french reality TV shows called 'Les Anges de la Tele Realite'. Fabrice has authored three books so far. His first book 'Les Paroles de la Nuit ne Voient Jamais le Jour' was published (JML) in November 2003. He wrote his second book 'Confessions d'un Paparazzi' which was published in March 2007 and his third one 'Hollywood: Mode d'emploi' in 2011. His Company 'Mundus Pictures' is developing a new featuring film called 'Lucky Bastard', written by David Aaron Cohen (Devil's own starring Brat Pit & Harrison Ford) and directed by Uli Edel. The main focus of the company is to develop reality TV shows and series, and occasional movies. Fabrice Sopoglian is the first producer who produced a French scripted reality TV show in Los Angeles called 'Hollywood Girls'.



Serial creator , Samuel Boutboul spent the last 7 years involving his creativity in many projects.

After being raduated in Art and literature Samuel needed to discover the world and the society rules .He decided to work in all the industries that attracted him.This initiation journey introduce him to Fashion Industries , Cinema and TV Production , Digital Agency and many others …As experience is the key to learn about yourself and define your real ambition , he finally landed to United States founding his Creative Agency Jolia corp which is part of the new wave of Art director and designer studio .A melting pot of different culture and and references matched to a passion and strong respect for the unique .

The passion for Biography , Cinema and Documentary bring him to cross the road of Fabrice Sopoglian .

Mensch Pictures was born.